Green Bear Fitness

Exercise and fitness improves your body, mind, and spirit!  Green Bear Fitness, creates customized fitness classes and activities that incorporate multiple disciplines including Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, and Music & Movements which focus on health, wellness, and green living activities for participants of all ages. Green Bear Fitness facilitates quality programs within local communities and at locations of the participant’s choice. Green Bear Fitness provides creative on-site programs for individuals or groups at daycares, schools, businesses, church, home, government or civic locations.

            Green Bear Fitness serves fitness needs and develops customized classes and programs to improve flexibility, gain muscular strength and agility, steady balance, reduce stress, improve coordination, and cardio respiratory endurance.  

        Children's Non-Competitive Programs are designed for all age groups to embrace creativity, self expression, and are adaptable to all learning styles while identifying and concentrating on individual gifts and talents.  Programs will empower individuals to make positive and intentional choices to promote healthy lifestyles and personal health and wellness. Green Bear Fitness will inject environmental concern and protection into program offerings facilitating global awareness of environmental health, care, and concern of our earth and natural resources.  Programs will instill character values and build self confidence and self esteem.  Green Bear Fitness will infuse enthusiasm and fun into every class facilitating fitness and promoting healthy living and wellness.